FDK band - new CD Earthlinked


Borderline cover

  1. Borderline  lyrics
  2. Last race again  lyrics
  3. Feelings of dessire  lyrics
  4. Grim creeper  lyrics
  5. DE 175
  6. Alone  lyrics
  7. Schizofixtion  lyrics
  8. Hungover  lyrics


Listen to the silence
Guiding you to reason
Disagree with mind treason
The world will tear you and reject you

Ringamaster plays the game of death

Salvation plays the angels‘ necks
Salvation spits into your face

Reactions drive you insane
Reactions drive you insane

Listen to the rapture playing with your mind
Obedience reactions make me come back again
Back again to rot and rise from the grave
Back again to rot and rise from the grave

Last race again

I'm running scared
All protection failed
I'm falling!

To the depth of wail,
neverending pain
is growing

I see death killing my faith
scorning my soul and burning my corpse

Fighting againts it is zero
Nothing will be same
Nothing will be changed



Feelings of desire

Whole of my life
I`m looking for the lust
To help me find to be
to be really me

I see it in echos
of dreams which awake me
Tryin` not to be seen
Tryin` not to be me

In the depth of night
feelings of desire
make me want to know
something I can`t take

Can I touch the sun ?
I can burn the sky forever!

Can I love the hate ?
I can feel the death however!

Can I blind the moon ?
I can dry the sea by crying!

I don’t need to know,
why people live for dying!

Grim creeper

Brething close to you i'm maniac,
appearing undercover.
My hatred worst than cyanianide
you never tasted better.

Repeat your lies of insolence
I'll be there to listen.
Waiting for your lullaby
just the way i reason!

Who are you tell me your name,
I alredy smell and feel your pain.

I’ve come from the eye of heartless death,
fear is the only thing that’s left.

Don’t dare to take what I’ve claimed,
your ignorance will leave you stained.

Lead me further on into the void
One more step we will be towed.


My body is weeping
So i turn in darkness
To the raging Sun And plead
for mercy

I stand before it naked
and bequest my sole possesions
my ingrown fear
is pleading

I’ve released myself!


You`re insufficient
My life
is lived by others

My state of mind
is playing tricks on you
My sanity
Is not yours to own

Always in my head it`s mine
Forever I cannot die

You have to suffer
I suffer,master
It will be deeper
Why ?
It`s schizofixtion
But I…
You`re my infliction

So I crawl
to hide
to leave
my side
I try
to fell
what’s real!


piercing me
Paper skin

Sick you know it
Pointless needles
When you’re well,
you’ll know me.

My friend I can’t
take your burden.
And I don’t have strength,
to help you!

Your victim is live
chained to hell.
And your guilty joy,
will let you down!