FDK band - new CD Earthlinked


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  1. No Love To Scorch  lyrics
  2. MMX AD   lyrics
  3. Transocean
  4. The First Dream  lyrics
  5. Execution  lyrics
  6. Slurred   lyrics
  7. Katla  
  8. Earthlinked  lyrics

No love to scortch

Time reminds me again
now to wake been sleeping in the river
dancing shadows tempt
me to breathe more than ever

Clouds slowly drift away
Now to run Along the shore
of the river

In this thrilling game
Lead me know
Ash-filled heart
inside her

Only a dream confuse my mind
Again as always, every time
Alone in death , it welcomes me
Love to scortch I cannot find !


Rising, falling, the waves on surface
living, dying, whats the difference
machine running, cutting distance
controls unmanned, call good riddance

festive setting, colours laughter
earthland joy for all hereafter
degradation war, femine and terror
do you want the former or the latter

The first dream

Rush of instructions strike
countless perfect operations
In infinite cycles drowned
believe in independence

Held captive, human machine
the creator knows the meaning
Flesh or metal, neither differs
Rusty spasms
The first dream

Breathe cold silence
Heave old distance
unreal gleam

curse blind windigs
through blind surffings
enchained first dream


In cramps and writhing in pain
I am now on my last day
To the beckoning crowd and gallows facing me
Let my knowledge die from yout ignorance

My skin burns in the fire
For the thruth I wil die
cleansing flame of death
You don’t realize


you went astray
so affraid, nowhere to stay

sun’s far away
illuminates dead shapes of gray

holdin‘ on keep tryin‘
’till this cold day’s dyin‘

sun’s far away
illuminates dead shapes of gray

voices that you hear
callin‘ those who passed away

frozen with your fear
hunted by the worst nightmare


The Earth dies,
takes us with her,
destroys us all,
with our anger.

Leave your God,
he'll never help you,
reasons why,
I can't tell you.

Human mind,
secrets unraveled
blinding light,
darkness uncovered.
Just look inside,
and listen to the Voice.
The guiding force,
quickly descending.